Secret Serum


Secret Serum`s whole life is accompanied by music. The music gives him strength and a feeling he definitely wants to share with the audience.  For him standing behind the decks and making music is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Smiling faces and friendly people dancing in the sun, could it get any better?

He started out as a Dj in the year 2000. At the beginning only as a hobby in the basement but after some time there were already the first bookings in smaller and larger clubs and clubs in Upper and Lower Austria, mostly house and more commercial music.

His first impression of psychedelic trance was made in the year 2005, through a friend, who took me after a long night in a club to a smaller party at 6 o´clock in the morning. He was really surprised by the happy dancing and celebrating people. From there on the ice was broken and it didn’t take long to the next party and the next. In 2009 he really got introduced to the scene and in 2013 he got the offer to become a resident DJ of the Progressive Selection which he gladly accepted.