Phil Locker


Phil Locker started his dj-career in 2008 as resident of the successful techno & tech-house event Egoline.  As promoters got noticed of his skills and his intoxicating performance, bookings for famous clubs in Vienna came along. In summer 2009 a big festival tour took place.  Phil Locker played at almost every austrian festival such as Nova Rock, Beatpatrol, FM4 Frequency, Nuke Festival and Europe’s biggest open air event of this kind, the Danube Island Festival. Beside this he also managed one of the biggest european DJ-equipment rental stores and was responsible for the stagemanagement of famous international artists. After Monica Moe cross his path he got influenced by progressive psytrance. The foundation for Philharmonica has been laied.

The pair has started collaborating and has thus far played events such as Spirit Base Festival, Atmosphere (Schwiss), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Flowers & E-nigma (Brazil) Samsara Festival, Indian Spirit Festival (Germany) Paradise Festival, Urban Art Forms Festival, and countless clubs and open air parties in Europe and South America. Soon you will hear first productions of this fascinating pair which will be released on Digital Nature Records. Phil Locker’ s style can be characterized as a progressive, soulful, melodic and harmonic mix, with harder bass kicks, and groovy beats. Since 2012 he’s a part of the progressive selection dj-pool.