The birth of Techno & Trance in the early 90’s was the beginning of Alezzaros love for trance music. Ever since, Alezzaro, adores trance music. He started his career as a DJ in 1998, playing the UK-influenced Trance & Progressive House like Paul Oakenfold, John Digweed etc. in various Austrian Clubs.

In 2003, he found his real passion: Progressive Psytrance. Influenced by the sound of Klopfgeister, he began to organize indoor parties called “Progressive Selection” in Vienna in 2008. Alezzaro is still resident DJ and mastermind of this internationally known club-event and played with famous acts like Ace Ventura, Day.Din, Ritmo, Protonica, Lifeforms, NOK, Liquid Soul, Symphonix, Fabio & Moon, Neelix, Time in Motion, U-Recken, Suntree, Krama, Bim, Klopfgeister, and many more.

His music style can be described as spherical, emotional, melodical, psychedelic, sunny, sexy, powerful, and pumpin’. But you will never hear Alezzaro play dark-psy or minimal! Alezzaro loves playing long sets, and he always knows how to select the right track at just the right time to get a real good party going for a happy, enthusiastic crowd. A satisfied audience, happy smiling faces and a magnificent vibe are his greatest goals when he is mixing music behind the decks. He is famous for his splendid mixing ability and the nonverbal communication with dancing crowds.

Alezzaro played gigs in all kind of European clubs, as well as on various open air festivals all over the world, like Halfmoon-Festival in Thailand, Universo Parallelo in Brazil, Vuuv in Germany, Spirit Base in Hungary and a lot more. Since October 2010 he is the first Austrian label DJ of IONO MUSIC.